Welcome to look design hub

Look Design Hub , a young, award winning practice represents the vanguard of future-forward design in India. The essence of our way is to address the fundamentals through intense programming, offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom, keep it fresh and never lose the visual appeal. The focus is always on the context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project presents. The firm takes a deeply contextual approach to its work and combines this with a strong focus on the tactile and sensory qualities of the space.

The design process looks at sustainability through the multiple lenses of cultural, social and environmental impact. There is an active engagement in integrating localised skills and resources with state of the art materials and technologies.
Founded and by Sarbajit Dhar, the studio has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice with a rapidly growing eclectic portfolio of projects comprising corporate offices, banks, retail outlets, resorts, spas, hotels, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, furniture and even industrial products.

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